Thursday, July 16, 2015

What I Wore: Pop Basic

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share a quick What I Wore before packing up and heading to Austin. If you missed the Instagram announcement, Yes, I am moving to Texas! I am so excited for this new chapter in my life, and can't wait to get it started. 

I was thrilled when Pop Basic approached me to collaborate, because, what a genius idea! Basically, they will ship you what they call a, "micro collection," I am modeling the Ariel collection ( my favorite Disney princess, woo hoo!) It is a set of accessories and staple clothing items that you can mix and match, or wear as a set. Genius I tell you, genius. 

The grey tank, layered necklaces, and clutch are the items I received with my Ariel Collection. 

If anyone has any suggestions for fun things to do/see/eat in Austin let me know! I love finding new spots and making new friends. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and how great was that guest post down there?! Big shoutout to my darling Alyssa for taking over for me while I was in Scotland. 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What I Wore: OhkayAlyssa Guest Post

OhkayAlyssa is a life&fashion blog based in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to create a space that is fun and positive. A space that would be my creative outlet and hopefully inspire others! 

First off, I'm so happy to post on Wit&Bloom. Katy and I have been friends for years now and she is so talented. Like literally, she's super woman. I'm a huge fun of everything she does and it's so exciting to be able to share my blog on her platform.

I want share a story about second chances. The other day I was casually perusing the Forever21 during my lunch break...when I found this linen romper. And these d'Orsay heels! What! You know, I had written off Forever21 forever -ha- and then I find these. Are they designing cute clothes? Will they make more!? What have I been missing out on?
I absolutely love these shoes, they are so comfortable, and this is the perfect romper. I wore the romper with my blazer and my new heels for the office but I can't wait to wear it on a summer day with sandals! I think this is the start of a beautiful reconciliation.


Thanks for checking me out, I hope you see you guys again real soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What I Wore: Bryr

Hi Everyone! Just dropping by for a quick post. My summer has been crazy, like in the best way. I have been doing tons of traveling, growing, exploring, and already I have had quite a few fantastic adventures. I am traveling to Scotland in a few days, and will have a fun guest blogger covering for me while I'm away. 

I am head over heels ( pun intended ) for these Bryr clogs. They are handmade in San Francisco, which I love. I am trying to become a more conscious consumer, and really pay attention to where my clothing comes from. That is becoming more and more important to me. These are the Miranda in Saddle, and they are so comfortable, it is unbelievable. 

Also, I am working on letting my natural curls just be. I love my curls, but I also love having the freedom to straighten my hair out as well. I am starting to feel like all the heat styling is taking a toll, and am trying really hard to just let them be. Why is it so tough?

Anyway, this top is from my darlings over at Shabby Apple. As always, it is cute, well-made, and keeps you looking classy. 

I am off to the land of my people! ( but really I think I am never going to want to leave ) If anyone has any recommendations for amazing things to do/see in Scotland let a girl know! 

Outfit Details: 
Top: Shabby Apple
Jeans + Hat: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Bryr
Photos: Shannon Miller

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What I Wore: Apricity

I got to spend my Friday evening with the lovely Shannon Miller. We ate sushi, drank some drinks, and chatted about life. It was good for my heart. We were able to snap a few outfit photos right before it started pouring down rain.  

This dress is from Apricity, and it fits me like a glove. I think it may quickly become on my favorite items. It's basically everything I love tied up in one dress. Peter pan collar: check. Vintage silhouette: check. Chambray: check. Comfortable as can be: check. I love wearing dresses that are a little longer, with a little weight to them, like this one. While I own my fair share of short, light, twirly dresses, they always seem to embarrass me when I have my arms full of grocery bags and a strong gust of wind chooses to come along. You know what I'm talking about, right? Here's a little secret about me, I don't go out in a short dress without my safety shorts. That's right, a grown woman who wears bike shorts under her short dresses to avoid any, ahem, indecent exposure. I call them my safety shorts because they make me feel safe, like a weird safety blanket for my ass. If you didn't know, now you know. Try it out ladies, you'll love it, I promise. 

This is my best Scarlett O'Connor hair. Any other Nashville fans out there? I can't get over her hair, It kills me every time. This beautiful headband is from Modcloth

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I Wore: Emily and Fin

Of course I would love a dress covered in my favorite Sunday brunch cocktail- the bloody mary! I like mine with olives, celery, cucumber, bacon, cheese, tomato, basically anything that can fit inside the glass goes...When Emily and Fin contacted me, this dress immediately won my heart. Everything they have is adorable and filled with vintage-inspired goodness. I paired it with this hat and fishtail braid because, well, I worked with special needs children all day and there is no telling what is in my hair right now. Gross. 

To catch you up on some more personal stuff, I am so glad that today is the last day of March. Seriously. March can suck it. As you know, if you follow along with me here or on instagram,  I have been on a roller coaster ride so far in 2015. I have been hit with tons of yucky medical stuff, and March really put the icing on the cake. I received some wonderful news, some confusing news, had to part with a new member of my family, and went through some really scary skin cancer stuff. Either way I came out standing, and smiling...with a new scar on my face ( I have decided it makes me one step closer to being Harry Potter-just go with it ) 
Tomorrow is a new day, a new month, and I'm ready for a new start. I'm going to burn some sage and get a facial. What better way to start fresh than with a few less blackheads and a little less negative energy. That's normal, right? 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I Wore: Madeline Dress

 I wanted to share this adorable Fleet Collection dress with you today. It's the Madeline dress in grey, and I am in love. It fits perfectly, and is oh so classy. My darling pal Shannon Miller snapped these photos for me when we were adventuring around one of our favorite spots in Orlando. 

These sparkly hair clips are from Mane Message and are great because they don't pull my hair. I hate when glittery clips get your hair all tangled and then you try to pull them out and half of your hair comes out with them. These are the first date bobbis and I love how the model has hers styled in the photo in a little triangle. Adding that to the, "things I need to try," list. 

On a more personal note, all of you left such sweet comments, and reached out to express concern over my recent little health scare. Thank you. You are all so sweet, and it feels so nice to know that people are thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. I have been feeling a little better. I am continuing to take medication, but have added an arsenal of essential oils, lots of natural supplements, more yoga and meditation to the mix. It's truly incredible how effective natural remedies can be, on both your body and your spirit. I am still on a super strict diet of 90% organic food, no dairy, no gluten, no coffee, no alcohol, nothing spicy, blah blah blah, basically everything good. But, if nothing else, I feel better which is a definite first step. I believe in holistic medicine, as well as western medicine, and believe both have their place. That being said, I have found an incredible surgeon here in Central Florida, and have decided to undergo two procedures to remove my precancerous cells, and repair my esophagus. I feel really, really good about this decision, and will keep y'all updated! 

I will be sharing some of my essential oil concoctions, and other natural recipes soon. They have helped me so much I am super excited to share them with you. 

Hoping everyone has a gorgeous Sunday!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: DIY Jewelry via We Dream in Color

So, If you didn't know I am a huge fan of reading. All types of books. I just finished Amy Poehler's new book, and started reading an encyclopedia for the home apothecary, I told you, my tastes are all over the map when it comes to literature. One thing that always gets me is a book with beautiful photographs, especially a DIY book or a cookbook. I was super excited when this beautiful DIY bracelet book arrived in my mailbox. I am a big fan of making your own jewelry, and I think if you can do it with items that are recycled, or special to you, it is even better. 


Seventy Five One-of-a-Kind Baubles, Bangles and Other Wrist Adornments You Can Make At Home 
by Jane Gedeon 

Jewelry making is something I have dabbled in here and there, but never really had the knowledge or guidance to like, really make something, especially something that I would be pumped to wear all the time. The book is really helpful, and takes you step-by-step. But like I said, the pretty photos are the best part.

The author has a really interesting backstory, and traveled all over the world growing up. You can see lots of multi-cultural influence throughout the book, and I really like the diversity of materials used as well. Her style comes across very clearly in the book, and I thought some of the pieces looked really familiar, then I realized I had seen some of her stuff in Anthropologie. Of course. Are there any other, "I could make that-ers" out there? You know, you see something and don't buy because, " I could totally make that!" Well now you will know how to make that pretty bracelet you almost bought at Anthropologie. 

Anyway, If you are interested in the book you can purchase it here- or check them out on instagram pinterest and facebook

ps- swooning over this ring and this necklace too! So pretty! 

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Herbivore Botanicals review

Hey y'all! I am super excited to tell you about some Herbivore Botanicals products I was lucky enough to be able to test out recently. I am a total snob when it comes to skin care. I will admit it. There are a few things, that as I am getting older, I feel okay spending money on, organic food, health care, and good quality skin care. Now, I get comments all the time about my skin on the internet. Sometimes it is people asking what products I use, but mostly it is just someone sending a sweet compliment my way. The thing is, I have always struggled with my skin. Make-up and a good instagram filter will go a long way.

My skin isn't horrible, and I know it could be much worse. However, I have struggled with acne, redness, and sensitivity for about 15 years. Anyone out there who has struggled with skin issues at any point in their lives knows that it can be traumatic at times,but, tis life. A lot of my acne is hormonal, and the rest just comes from being fair. I have tried a million different, "miracle" products and none really seem to help. I have found over the years, along this journey with my skin, that lots of water, and gentle natural products are the best bet. For me, at least. I am not a dermatologist, and I know everyone has different skin needs, but those two things are what I have found work for me.

I have been using these Herbivore Botanicals products for about two weeks now, and I am loving the result. I will tell you that none of these products, not even one, irritated my sensitive skin. That's practically a miracle. I liked all of them, but I want to take some time to go over the masks, as they were my favorite, and are sort of unique in their application.

I tried out the Activate mask, which the website describes as ,"the ultimate in deep cleansing and detoxification for your skin. Activated Bamboo Charcoal with Tourmaline Gemstone for an amazing deep cleansing spa quality facial mask." I found that using this on my t-zone ( or other oily and blackhead prone areas) about once a week was enough, it didn't irritate, but did dry my skin out if used more often. It definitely helped with blackheads, and when you rinse it off your face looks all clean and soft and magical.
The mask below is the Blue Clay mask. The website says, "Cambrian Blue clay is a rare clay found in Siberia with an exceptionally high mineral content. It is especially known for its clarifying properties and ability to smooth and even out your skin. Excellent as a spot treatment for congested and oily skin" I used this as a spot treatment after washing, toning and moisturizing at night. I could definitely notice a difference in my blemishes by the next morning.

This is what it looks like in the jar. One of my favorite things about this mask is the smell. It smells like flowers and everything good.

So the masks come as a powder, and you mix up as much as you want. I used a brush and bowl that I already had at home, but they sell some lovely ones on their website as well. I really enjoyed the whole ritual of mixing it up, and applying it with a brush. The end result should be a paste, and I found that it dries quickly on your skin, and washes off easily.

My other favorite product out of the bunch was the Jasmine Oil. I can't even tell you why I like it. I just do. I love it, actually. It makes your skin look all glowy and gorgeous. Like a newborn baby in the moonlight, or something.  It smells like jasmine and I think a little bit of rose, maybe. I apply it to my arms, shoulders, and chest, and it makes my skin look lovely.

I liked the pink clay soap a lot. It didn't dry me out, and kept my acne at bay as well as anything else. I tend to not really like bar soaps, so that's my only complaint. I liked the balance toner as well, but found the smell a little off-putting. I think it smells like grass, but I have a friend who loves the way it smells. So I guess it just depends on your personal tastes.

Overall, I was super impressed with everything. From the packaging, to the actual product itself. It is very rare for me to find something that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I will definitely be re-ordering a few of these when they run out.



Monday, January 19, 2015

A Personal Note

It has taken me awhile to write this, as I was really trying to make sure the decision was the right one, and that I had the right words to say it. I don't often share many personal details on the blog, it's mostly cute outfits, sunshine and smiles ( all of which I love ) However, I made a decision to open up about a few personal things, and maybe give the blog a little bit of a new direction for the new year. 

I was recently diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition in my esophagus after suffering years of digestive issues, and going through some very yucky testing. Basically, I have had acid reflux, that I couldn't feel until recently, for many, many years. It has done significant damage to my esophagus.  This isn't really as scary as it sounds, it doesn't mean that I am going to get cancer. It just increases my risk, and means I have to be monitored yearly. Most people with this condition who stay on their meds never have progression towards cancer. There are also a few surgical options available if it does progress. But it was still a wake-up call for me. I found out about some allergies I was having to foods that I eat daily, and that, along with genetics, was probably the cause. I have never had a horrible, standard american diet. I have always been fairly health conscious, and tried to make healthy choices. But I have found that is not enough. 

This experience has really opened my eyes to the ways in which we can heal and nourish our bodies through diet and lifestyle changes. I am working on embracing my truth, and trying to have fun in learning new ways to cook, and care for myself naturally. I am putting faith in alternative therapies ( first acupuncture session today!) as well as my bodies ability to heal itself. Shout out to my sweet GI doctors who are working on providing me with all options for treatment. And last but not least to doTerra oils for keeping my anxiety at bay. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family who have been supporting me and cooking for me, even though I am sure they are tired of hearing about my damn esophagus. 

Anyway, with that out of the way, I have been following a very strict diet since right before Thanksgiving. I have basically gone paleo with a twist (no dairy, no gluten, very little sugar, nothing spicy, no coffee, no alcohol, no chocolate ) This has been an emotional roller coaster for me. You don't think you have an emotional attachment to food until you are forced to give it up. Coffee!? REALLY!? c'mon. 

Good news is, I am feeling better overall. Things that I did not think could be related to diet apparently are. I am sleeping better, have less headaches, have more energy, and just feel happier. I am still working on the right cocktail of meds ( and lots apple cider vinegar, essential oils and probiotics!) to completely keep my reflux at bay. I know I will get there, and am trying to work through the transition with ease and grace- which I am finding is easier said than done. 

So what does this mean for the blog? 

Well, I have decided to accept less products for review, as I have found that those pile up and cause me stress as I have a super busy life. I want to get to every product in a reasonable amount of time, but on top of a full-time teaching job, running a small business, and caring for myself, I have less and less time available. Please don't hesitate to send any inquiries about product reviews, or clothing for posts, but just know that I have other priorities right now, and may not be able to accommodate all requests. This means, you will probably be seeing less fashion and product related posts. 

I want to move the blog in a more personal direction. I may be posting more healthy recipes, natural remedies, reactions to alternative therapy, and just words about my life. I will of course still be doing some fashion and beauty related stuff, but I would like to find a nice balance. As always, you know me, I will never post just for the sake of posting. I only blog when I feel that I have the time and energy to put something worthwhile out into the world. I will never blog for the sake of blogging, or building up my amount of posts or followers. This is something that makes me happy, and I hope it brings you joy as well, I don't ever want to allow it to bring me stress or worry. I am slowly getting rid of the things in my life that are no longer serving me, stress is one of them. 

That being said, I don't want to hear any, "I'm sorry about your problems," comments. I'm fine. I'm great, actually. But, everyone could use a little love, light, prayer (whatever you're into)  thrown their way sometimes. I hope everyone has had some new years revelations of their own. It is the perfect time to start over with a fresh and positive outlook. Pass it on y'all. 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I Wore: Coquette Dress

Hi everyone! Hope your holidays were fantastic, and everyone is ready to start the new year refreshed and positive. 

So, I don't know about you, but I am super into this classic dress from Fleet Collection. Everything they create is super classy and well-made. This is one of my new favorite dresses, with it's clean lines and gorgeous color. I am a sucker for all things vintage, but don't like to look "costumey" if that makes sense. 
Does that make sense? 

Anyway, I am finding myself more and more drawn to new pieces with vintage style rather than true vintage pieces. I guess I can feel my style moving towards more sophisticated, grown-up pieces. 
Hey, I am 28 now (Capricorns unite!) 
 Retro 60's dresses with brightly colored floral patterns will always have a place in my heart, but not all day, every day. So anyway, Fleet collection has hit the bulls eye on vintage style dresses with a modern, clean twist. 

One of my favorite things about this dress is that it actually fits me. Now, I am unusually petite, and have a hard time finding anything that doesn't make me look like a tiny child trying on my mom's dresses. I know everyone has their weird body image things, and some crazy part of their body that they feel doesn't fit right into clothing. And while I am all about loving your body the way it is, and generally don't even like bringing up the subject, as I find it turns into a downward spiral of everyone chiming in about what they don't like about their own bodies (never a good thing ). I think it's okay to acknowledge it, and move on. 
I am freakishly tiny. Most companies don't make an xs that fits me, I have accepted that people will always assume I am eternally 15 years old with my pre-teen body, I have learned to sew and alter, and move on. That being said this dress ( and every other Fleet collection dress I own ) fits me beautifully. A girl can really appreciate that. 

I shot these photos in gorgeous Winter Park with my gal pal Shannon Lee Miller yesterday. The weather was gorgeous and after we shot some outfit photos I got to model for a mentor session with her and two lovely Canadian photographers.. It's always super inspiring to see someone who is amazing at what they do, share their talent and light with someone else.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Fleet Collection
Shoes: Urban Outfitters ( old )
Belt: Gap
Sunglasses: Forever21

Good vibes to all in the new year! 

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